Helping You Grow Your Business

Helping You Grow Your Business

Our main aim is to offer support and advice whenever and wherever you may need it.

Jim Walker – Xero Expert

Jim founded FAB in 2010 with the aim of taking his technical accounting knowledge and combining it with his experience of business management, to provide a complete financial service to his clients.

Seeing the way that Xero was changing the face of small business accounting he was able to establish FAB using real-time accounting information, to enable and assist his clients in meeting their own financial goals. Jim’s experience with working in a variety of different industries enables him to advise and guide clients, whatever stage of their own journey they are on.

Xero is a market leading cloud accounting package.

What is it that you want from your business?

The answer is undoubtedly going to include words such as successful, profit making and having a good, solid reputation. We can help you to achieve this by making sure that you stay on target for the goals which you have set for yourself and keeping you aware of any developments which may impact financially upon your organisation. Business can be tough, and this is never more true than when you starting out on your own. We can help you avoid the pitfalls that many new entrepreneurs fall into, by ensuring you start with a solid financial foundation.

We can then support your transition from startup to established business, when you will need more technical advice around areas such as cashflow, financing and taxation. Whatever stage you are at, providing support and working alongside you is what we do best. 

Finally you will need an exit plan, to  ensure all of your hard work has paid off and gives you and family the lifestyle and security that was probably a big driver to getting started in the first place.

Our Core Values


All of our staff follow the five fundamental principles of the ethical standard code which are: integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, and professional behaviour.


We build a personal and approachable relationship providing a tailored service for each specific client.


We provide value for money services, carried out by our experienced team, working with you to meet all deadlines whilst giving you the freedom to run your business.


We take time to understand your business model and processes, communicating effectively with you and your team, to help you successfully grow your business and make more money.


Teamwork is a priority to us, sharing our knowledge to fulfil our commitment to you as a valued client.


We provide an enjoyable and rewarding environment for our team, sharing our successes and supporting career progression.